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Timeline of the Square since 1247

In this mid 13th century medieval age, the market place was thought to be in the Market Square as it can currently be found.

Medieval pottery and fabrics have ben excavated from the Square - old market goods perhaps?  At this time, the Square was bigger, incorporating the now developed land between the standing Square and Horner’s Corner.

This was encompassed by the medieval North, South, East and West Street design that still exists today.

It is assumed that the market became the general trading place, for food and other essentials.  The trade of the then remove vaillages of Canewdon, Paglesham and Wakering etc were supported by the market and Rochford’s growth stems from this initial influx of market industry.  Rochford Hundred was famous for its cheese and particularly sheep’s cheese, made on the coastal marches, would have been sold at market.

Post medieval and the Market Square is reduced in size to roughly what it is now.  The market place became a point of business, as carriages departed from London from the Kings Head Public House and Rochford became a post town as the village expanded it’s market roots.

Few tragedies mar the Market Square’s history, yet in 1555 during the reign of Mary I, John Simson is burnt at the stake.

The majority of the history provided in this website has been researched and produced by Mr. R.F. Janes and Mr. D.J. Reeve with narritive by Miss L. Reeve

Business spills into religion as the central meeting and trading place is utilised for less illustrious purposes.

Desite this unpleasant incident, Rochford Market goes on to survive the attempted invasion by the Spanish Armade in 1588 and the English Civil War (1625-49)

Standard Recorder, Friday May 30 1997 Read more starting with the 17th century


Henry III grants Guy of Rocheford and his heirs free warren in the lands of the manors of Rocheford as documented in the Calendar of Charter Rolls


Henry III grants Guy of Rocheford and his heirs, a weekly market on Tuesday at his manor of Rocheford and a yearly fair there on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Whitsun week, as documented in the Calendar of the Charter Rolls


Henry III grants Guy of Rocheford and his heirs, a weekly market on Tuesday at his manor of Rocheford and a yearly fair there on  the vigil, the feast and the morrow of All Saints, as documented in the Calendar of Charter Rolls


John Simson is burned at the stake in Rochford Market Square for defending his religious beliefs during the reign of Mary I


The Market Hall is built in Rochford Market Square


John Harriot revises the Market


Volunteer of napeleonic war held captive in the Market Hall prison. The man was shot at by troops from outside and bullet holes could still be seen embedded in the framework of the building.

The man survived and the bullet holes remain


Town Pump erected in Rochford Market Square


Market closed


Market Hall pulled down


Market Square Pump removed and a fountain put in its place


Market revived for farm stock on a Thursday


Market closed


Two 19th century cottages demolished in the Square by an unknown development entity based in London, causing great public outcry and general heritage controversy.

Following this, the Covernment listed all relevant buildings in Rochford


After extensive research into the Royal Charter the market in its current form was revived  with the support and permission of the Lord of the manor Mr Charles Tabor by Reg Janes and was held and run each Tuesday by him and David Reeve untill Reg's death in 2005. It is now operated under the supervision of his widow Hilda by his son Nick Janes.


Attempts to expand down West Street quashed


750th Anniversary of the first recorded Charter granted to the town of Rochford to hold a Market in its Manor

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