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                             Market Square,  Rochford,  Essex  UK                                                                      since 1247

Historic House - Free Entry

South Street,




The Old House is open for tours to the public. For more information or to book a visit please contact Vanessa Conroy on 01702318014 or email


Since 1515AD

The Old House

Rochford Coat of Arms

Rochford Hall

The arms were officially granted on March 8, 1975. The crest shows a seax or sword for Essex County and a windmill from the arms of Rayleigh.

The supporters are a bull and a wyvern. The bull sugests cattle farming, and also was part of the coat of arms of the Boleyn family who had strong connections with Rochford. It is winged to show a connection with Southend Airport. The wyvern is the ancient emblem of Sweyne showing a Viking connection.

The motto - Our Heritage, Our Future - was designed by Mrs Littlewood of Prittlewell in a competition.

Rochford Hall in Essex is a manor house said to be where King Henry VIII first cast his eyes on a young Anne Boleyn. The Boleyns owned the home from 1515, a home claimed to be the setting of secret meetings between King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. There are even rumours of a secret tunnel system beneath the home that King Henry VIII used as his discreet escape route from the house.

The manor was originally built in 1216 and in its 16th century form, comprised a turreted manor with moat and a great hall. The hall has been greatly altered over the years and is now privately owned and operates as a golf club.

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Genealogical Records

Places to visit and things to do within a 6 mile radius

It is said that Oliver Cromwell met his future wife while walking in Rochford.

Southend Airport was known as RAF Rochford during the second world war, and much of the land of the airport falls within the Parish of Rochford.